THE END OF ~Pied Piper Plan~ Used For Over 100 Years New Technologies

Show Notes: We Look at the information Mishel on Deception Bytes has uncovered on the “Queen” : “Head of World Governing Council” over the Illuminati. Somerset Belenoff, 3rd cousin of the Queen of England. They “worship Satan”; approved all space communications satellites, all space flights, etc. Anything having to do with space, dimensions, portals, space travel. frequencies, “for the entire world”. It’s all demonic and lead by a bunch of child sacrificing Luciferians. Audience: in order for these Luceferians to have technology they need all the gold and silver coins. God created gold and silver coins as money. The Constitutions say only gold and silver coins can be used as legal tender. To be used as wealth, coins, money. These Satanist want to destroy the value of Gold and silver coins as “just another metal” so they can exploit people. Enslave humanity with their Satanic, Demonic technology. Read up on the “1792 Coinage Law”. It was written by God through Honest good men, by his Holy Spirit. See what happens to men, by God who devalue or debase Gold and Silver coins as money, legal tender. Don’t believe the “illusion”, “Delusion” of black magic, Alchemy is making material item gold! Wizardry. Dark Ages! All bankers are Luceferians, Demon possessed Satan worshipers! God and the Devil are opposites. Example light Dark, White, Black, Cold Hot, Good Bad, Truth Lie
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