The Covid All Stars!! 8 Prominent Doctors Covid Conversations San Juan Panel- Must SEE!

I was blown away when I found this video. I had been following Dr. Robert Urso on Twitter as he posted updates of a conference held in San Juan, Puerto Rico where an all star team of Covid-19 Avengers gathered to sign a declaration now known as the San Juan Declaration. You are not going to want to miss this!

From Global Covid Summit

“We are in a pandemic of undertreatment,” said intensive care specialist, Pierre Kory, M.D., Former Director of the Center for Trauma and Life Support at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and winner of the British Medical Association’s President’s Choice Award. What drives him and the other doctors and scientists attending is the overarching principle to “first, do no harm”.

“Everything else that we’ve discovered, everything that’s in our protocols is because we have used good clinical sense, lots of experience, and we’ve used trial and error using our best judgments of risks and benefits.” For him, undertreatment and nontreatment is harm. In his view, long-haul Covid and hospitalizations are caused by undertreatment and a lack of an effective prevention strategy.”

“Ryan Cole, MD, a board-certified pathologist and CEO of Cole Diagnostics who once trained at the Mayo Clinic, Brian Tyson, MD stood out as a frontline physician who’s treated probably more patients than anyone—over 6,000 at his Urgent Care Covid Clinic in Imperial Valley, California, one of the hotbeds for Covid-19, just over the border from Mexico.. The effect of Covid on kids was an impassioned topic addressed by Mark McDonald, double board-certified child and adult psychiatrist. “My concern is that the developmental stage that children need to go through, babies, toddlers, young adults, is being foreclosed on them,” he ominously observed. “My concern is that we are building a generation of young people who are so traumatized that they will never fully recover from this.” He cited a study recently published by Brown University Department of Pediatrics that found a 20-point drop in the IQs of babies born after January 1, 2020 compared to those born before.

Nobel Prize-nominee Robert Malone, M.D. who worked on the mRNA technology that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are built on ichard Urso, M.D., scientist, sole inventor of an FDA-approved wound healing drug, and Former Chief of Orbital Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center. “We’re vaccinating in a very narrow framework. And so when you vaccinate just the spike, you’re going to get variants, because we are doing a very specific treatment.”

Urso clarified, saying people don’t die of the virus itself. Studies conducted last year were not able to culture the virus past eight days. What people die of is the effects of the virus on the body. “They die of inflammation and they die of thrombosis,” according to Urso. Also participating in the San Jose panel were family practitioners Dr. John Littell of Florida and Dr. Heather Gessling of Missouri.

The goal of the panel was to be a first step toward having more in-depth and open conversations around the Covid pandemic.

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