The MOST FUN You’ll Ever Have with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny!!!

While many of you know Dr. Sherri Tenpenny as the women who warns against the adverse effects of vaccines, you may not know that she is a woman of divers talents. Sherri grew up on a horse farm, where her father was a horse trainer and she would often ride horses bareback. In college, she studied piano (we were first introduced to this when she wowed the crowd by playing Amazing Grace on stage at Bards Fest with Brian and Jill Kahanek Friday evening) and Sherri says that the biggest highlight of her entire life was partaking in a perfect piano recital. She played a Rachmaninoff duet on piano in D minor with her classmate Betsy and tells us the moment at the end has continued to be her crescendo and crowning moment in life! As a renaissance woman she picked up several instruments, was an avid choreographer, but eventually settled on medicine for her career- which as we now know, was a divine calling. She has helped countless patients over the years, and countless more people through her speeches and interviews.

Del Bigtree: I Know We Win This In The End

This is the last ditch, white knuckled grasp by the NEANDERTHALS of medicine to hold on to their prevalence when an evolution of humanity and healing is right around the corner… That rainbow is starting to form- and that dark storm we’re looking at right now… I’ll see you on the other side… I KNOW WE WIN THIS IN THE END!

Virus Hits Densely Populated Slums In India; Latest World Covid-19 Updates; Top EU/UK News 4-5-2020

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