Ron Hood & Candice Keller: The Hand of God Is The Only Thing That Is Going to Save Ohio!

This is the first time I have ever found candidates for public office who understand the spiritual warfare over our nation- that vain is the help of man, but with God there is nothing we can’t do- no battle that can’t be won. “I’m not running against Mike Dewine,” Ron says- but rather, that the governor seat in Ohio is being held spiritually and nothing but the hand of God is going to unseat it. Former Ohio Representatives Ron Hood and Candice Keller, are approaching the Ohio gubernatorial race with the power of God, on their face before Him in prayer, everyday- if every politician in America did that, we’d be in a far different state of this union.

Ron Hood felt the call to public service at a very young age; he ran his first race at the age of 22, winning his first race at the age of 25. He has since served 16 non-consecutive terms in office with an impeccable constitutionally conservative voting record. And while all of that is amazing, what stood out to us in our conversation with Ron is his total and utter reliance on God alone to place him exactly where he needs to be. Ron is not seeking fame, power, money or control- he quiet literally seeks to glorify the name of Jesus in everything he does. That may seem like an impossibility in today’s politics, but it wasn’t in the era of our pilgrim and founding fathers and I believe we are seeing the great come-back of God in government, through the hearts of the men and women who represent us. You can follow Ron on his website and their new website that will be up soon

Candice Keller is most notably recognized for seeing the heartbeat bill passed here in Ohio, co-sponsoring the bill with Ron Hood. However, in up-coming weeks and months, the world is going to know her for the fire that she brings every time she speaks. Candice doesn’t pull any punches, she tells it like it is, calling out the illegality of abortion, lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates and so much more. She doesn’t come to this battle of the ages with man’s weapons- she comes with the armor of God and the truth of His word. And that is exactly what is going to win this fight against evil and tyranny- it is the ONLY thing that will win- and Candice and Ron know it. You can follow Candice on her website and her Facebook page Patriot America. Watch Candice with Resistance Chicks and Alan Keyes here.

“When Ron Hood & Candice Keller filed their petitions to run for Governor & Lieutenant Governor not a single other candidate had filed ANYTHING. Their strategy to WIN the Governors race is like no other campaign. They are not running against anyone, they are running to WIN YOUR VOTE and MAKE OHIO RIGHT AGAIN. Share this if you believe in Ron & Candice. ” -Kent Keller
FACTS about Ron Hood👇…/biography/45468/ron-hood
FACTS about Candice Keller👇…/167037/candice-keller

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