Revolutionary Revivalists EP6

An Offering Of Consumed Fire 🔥

Throughout the course of our lifetime as battle runners in this fight, we must realize that the spiritual realm with which we come in contact will not always be easy. We will run into situations where carrying our cross and following the one who bore it will be very heavy, but in this episode with the Revolutionary Revivalists, we will break down ways, in which we can live fully, and not just survive, and in doing so there will be much to lay down on the altar of sacrifice. My question to you is, will you hold on to the baggage of a weary soldier, or will you run the race full speed, knowing that HE is the one who consumes your sacrifice?!?

BardsFM and Resistance Chicks are proud to present the Revolutionary Revivalists! Wisdom and the POWER of God from the youth of BardsNation and the Resistance Chicks Family!

Join us LIVE for The Revolutionary Revivalists’ weekly program on Thursdays with hosts Abigail Petersen and Leia Lumba! Be sure to subscribe and follow their Rumble channel!

The Revolutionary Revivalists
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