Trump Rocks the Bronx – MSNBC “Inflation Angers Voters”

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Weekly News Report! Yes, this is a real headline. It turns out that Biden is not currently on the Ohio ballot, and unless the Ohio legislature does some quick maneuvering, he will not have a chance of grabbing this bellweather state’s electors. Can Republicans hold the line? Blacks, Latinos, and other minorities usually in the voting pockets of Democrats, came out in droves to hear Trump stump for himself, and CNN is a little shaken up about it. MSNBC isn’t hiring the best and brightest as elite newscasters come up with a jaw dropping truth- people really hate paying more for things. Yeah, duh. Bill Maher went on the Megyn Kelly Show and let’s just say, it didn’t go well. Also, you don’t want to miss our 6:00 show talking about the secret Fauci files! All of that & much more in This Week’s Top News Stories!

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