Revelation Redpill Wednesday Ep 16

Hollywood, Satan, & End Times Movies

Join us WEDNESDAY 6/7/2023
8:00 PM ET
LIVE on the platforms below!

Join us as we take a deep dive into the dark and evil relationship between Hollywood and modern End Times messages. Did you know some of the first films to depict the Rapture and Tribulation were done with Alfred Hitchcock horror film techniques designed to terrify? Have you ever heard a minister preach a sermon on End Times and the Tribulation? “Get your life right with Jesus before the Anti-Christ comes and takes over the world!” Millions have read Hal Lindsey‘s book, The Late Great Planet Earth where he recounts the rise of the Beast, a 7-year Tribulation, and a Rapture. Even more have read Tim Lahaye‘s, Left Behind Series and have seen the somewhat cheesy movies starring 80’s actor Kirk Cameron. Hollywood has jumped on the idea of a great world-ending Apocalypse or planet reboot, where almost everyone dies with a few left to repopulate the earth. But what if God isn’t going to destroy this planet and create a new one? What if humans are here for the long haul and God wants us to make it a better place? Images are powerful tools to convey a message. Maybe Hollywood should start making movies that see a beautiful future with the earth filled with the glory of God- because that is exactly what our future looks like.


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