Revelation Redpill Wed Ep 19

7 Eyes, 7 Spirits of God, The 2 Witnesses, One STONE: JESUS

Join us WEDNESDAY 6/28/2023
8:00 PM ET
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The book of Revelation contains many mysteries; new Christians love to go straight to the last book of the Bible and start deciphering the clues with a newspaper on modern events. What if the clues to deciphering Revelation were actually contained within the rest of the Bible? If you don’t have the right keys, you won’t ever solve the puzzle. Tonight we are going to give you the keys to unlocking the Seven Spirits of God, the Seven Candlesticks, the Seven Lampstands & who were or are the two witnesses of Revelation 11? Remember, Revelation means: Revealing. The whole point of understanding this book is not to predict future events but to understand who Jesus is, was, and is to come. Buckle up, it’s going to be another wild ride!

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