Revelation Redpill EP 36

Public Education & Indoctrination – the Truth They Don’t Want You to Know!!

Join us WEDNESDAY 11/15/2023
8:00 PM ET
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“Genius is as common as dirt”- John Taylor Gatto, former NYC teacher of the year. John Quincy Adams was only 8 years old when he was marching with the Massachusetts minutemen doing musket drills. Signer of the Constitution, William Livingston was fourteen when he was a missionary among the Mohawk Indians, and at eighteen he graduated from Yale at the top of his class. Buffalo Bill Cody was a nine-year-old cattle driver and a legendary Indian fighter at twelve. Annie Oakley was only nine when she earned a living for her family with her gun skills. What happened to the children? In the 1920s progressives moved education away from student-led learning to an educational philosophy oriented on social policy based on groupthink. We will never win on the battlefield of the mind when we ourselves were trained to follow the enemy’s rules & playing his game. Just as with the false end-time theology, Americans have bought into the narrative that they are cogs in a system and must follow their leaders and do as their told. When you know the truth, you can pull yourself from their system to live a free, happy life and maybe help a few others along the way… so we can maybe, just maybe, get your country back.

Tonight’s Show is taking from the following Blog: CLICK HERE

Get ready for the MOST explosive series you’ve ever watched about the Last Days! Get ready to have everything you thought you knew brought into clarity! What did Christ say about his kingdom? Jesus said all power and authority had already been given to him and we are to go and preach the Gospel. If Christians reign as priests now, why would anyone roll over and let evil take over? Many of the problems we see today are not a result of prophesy, but believers abdicating their God-given authority in Christ. If we are going to combat the plans of the enemy we need to know who we are in Christ and what has already been accomplished to bring God’s kingdom on earth.

Join us for our weekly broadcast with amazing guests as we dial in on how to turn this ship around with power of God that has already been granted us. Come and learn your position in the Body of Christ and get rid of toxic blue pill defeatist false theology that has made the Church powerless and impotent. Christ’s bride should be ruling and reigning with Him. This is a series you will want to watch over and over and share with all your family and friends! Don’t miss it!


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