Revelation Redpill Ep 17

Man of Lawlessness- The Antichrist REVEALED!

Join us WEDNESDAY 6/14/2023
8:00 PM ET
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Who is this Man of Lawlessness Paul talks about in 2 Thessalonians 2-3? Is he the Antichrist? Are they the same person called “The Beast” in Revelation? 2 Thessalonians has stumped scholars and theologians for centuries with one proclaiming that Paul presents this passage, “in such vague form that we can hardly clear it up.” However, for those who believe we are in the end-times right now, it has become a key part of modern end-times theology. As with the hotly debated Daniel 9:24-27 passage, so is it here: an exceedingly difficult prophecy becomes a key text for dispensationalism. Buckle up. You are about to go for another wild ride that will blow out the cobwebs of dusty theories about who the Antichrist is in our modern world!

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Jim Dunn
Jim Dunn
1 year ago

Couldn’t the man of lawlessness have been John Levi who fought the Romans from the temple that Josephus speaks about?

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