Replay, What Sidney Powell Means, Says It Will Be BIBLICAL! 11 23 2020

#SidneyPowell said that what she is about to expose on #ElectionFraud with #Dominion voting systems is going to be #Biblical. What does that mean exactly? Well we’re going to go to the stories of #Deborah and #Gideon to find out. THIS is where the POWER is, and THIS is why we can’t lose, but will WIN! #Kracken:

War ! Neighborhood blackout! Reporting the news. Tracing Joe Biden’s connections to the Election 2020 Fraud. Done in a scary, comical, peaceful after midnight dialogue.11-23/24-2020 Wow! So much trouble yesterday! Bible Study.. encouragement to continue without fear. Ended stream. Started a new one. Blackout happened for both sides of the street, they had to be on purpose. Usually in a storm or a transformer goes out. It is only one side of the street! Then could not upload until this afternoon.
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