Raw & Reel: The Christian Response to Tate Bros- Keeping Wolves At Bay

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The patriot, health-freedom and freedom of speech movements, all have very big tents, where people from all walks of life have united under one banner of liberty. As with any large group of people you are going to have various viewpoints, religious beliefs, and moral sticking points that can unite or divide, well intentioned people. As those on the left end of the social and political spectrum seem to move even farther left, the line in the center moves with it leaving many former liberals or Democrats either, without an identifying group, being labeled as far right or joining with Republicans/Conservatives in their push back on social justice, climate issues, and more. However, just because someone has been canceled or just because they say awesome one liners we like to hear about lockdowns, mandates or being a man and taking responsibility, doesn’t mean that those new influencers are good people.

Sometimes bad people will use well intentioned people as cover for their own misdeeds. In the latest episode of Raw and Reel, Michelle and I along, with former Miss USA pageant gals (turned patriot podcasters) the Gibson sisters, bring a Christian’s perspective to a couple of guys who have recently been making waves in the health and freedom/liberty movement.

Andrew Tate has been on Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, and even Piers Morgan. Andrew and his brother Tristan were recently arrested in Romania on sex trafficking and money laundering charges. Immediately those on the right took to his defense, as it looked like a deep state set-up to take him down for his outspoken views. However a deeper look into the past of these brothers paints a troubling picture and a line of demarcation, especially for Christian patriots. Do we, in the name of freedom of speech, defend everyone, even criminals, even those whose lives go against the moral and spiritual foundation that made America great to begin with? Andrew Tate and his brother made millions of dollars by using very young women as online prostitutes. They admit to being internet pimps, to defrauding, lying, cheating, and more. They admit they have done illegal things that would land them in jail.

Taking on the deep state and totalitarian dictators is going to take spiritually mature men and women who know how to get into the presence of God and move mountains. We need Revival to spread across this globe to combat the evil our nations face. At the front lines are strong men and women who embody what it means to love your neighbor as yourself and lay down your life for your friends. The feminist movement has painted men as being born with “toxic masculinity,” but in reality the world needs good, strong, wholesome men who will fight for what is right and protect the weak and pursue justice for the wronged. There is a new term floating around the internet universe that is being used in both healthy and destructive ways- Alpha Male which can be either toxic or healthy.
Toxic masculinity rapes, pillages, uses, and abuses. Godly masculinity heals, builds, and restores.
When a man sees a woman’s body as an object to be used and exploited that is evil, it’s harmful. This isn’t about freedom of speech but what is right and what is wrong. Just because something may be legal doesn’t make it morally right or good for society. When Andrew Tate talks about the Matrix, he is talking about getting married and settling down to build a family. Instead of encouraging young men to find a wholesome girl to marry and be faithful to for the rest of their lives, he and his brother teaches them how to play a game to sleep with very young women and start their own webcam business pimping out girls. They flash fancy cars and a big lifestyle but to what end? You cannot cast the devil out by being part of the kingdom of darkness. We will not win when we align ourselves or come to the defense of those whose life is diametrically opposed to the teachings and life of Christ. What would Jesus say to the Tate brothers? Repent and turn your back on this life. Do what is good, right, wholesome. Protect young women and girls, don’t take advantage of them. Be a father to your children. Love selflessly. Help build the moral fabric of our society. Be a part of the solution instead of a part of the breakdown of society. Pick up your cross and follow Christ.

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Tania Joy Gibson says, “I took my first “red pill” in April 2020. The government lockdowns had just begun, and I kept waking up at 3am. One morning (at 3am), I asked God if He would talk to me, tell me what was going on, and explain why I kept waking up at this specific time. And He answered! I heard Him speak, “Come downstairs”. It was like being in a movie, and I questioned if that was truly God speaking to me until I heard it again, “If you want me to talk to you, come downstairs.” So I did as He asked. As I sat in the darkness, with my bible on my lap and looking out into the still night outside, I heard His words that forever changed my life’s trajectory. “What you have known, will never be again. What has been will not look the same ever again.” And those were the words that foretold what was to come, in my life and in our world.” Read More about Tania Joy, The Tania Joy Show and Beauty for Ashes: Click here! Follow Tania Joy on Rumble here: rumble.com/c/BeautyforAshes

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