Q Posts! Trump’s Epic Week, Alex Jones CENSORED, Mail CALL & Weekly Round-up 7/27/18

In an age of conspiracy theories flying right and left, I find that even the most “open” red-pilled American can be confused or skeptical of the phenomenon that is “Q”. A friend of mine recently came to me and said, “I don’t know what this means, but my mom told me to ask you who Q Anon is…?” I laughed out loud because 3 months ago “normal” people didn’t know Q as a thing outside of Sesame Street alphabet letter day, and now even my friends’ mothers are asking us about it.

To be honest, I’ve been skeptical of Q from day one and I think there are valid questions we have to ask: Who could it possibly be? (It has to be someone close to Trump, they know too much) And: are their motivations as noble as they seem or are we as Trump’s base being taken for a ride to be distracted from where our focus is supposed to be?

Patriot Gallery (my mom) threw out the idea that Q could be Kelly Ann Conway, and you know what, out of all the options that have been tossed around, that one sticks a little better than the rest in my mind. Could Q be Trump? I don’t think so; the Commander In Chief is a bit busy for all this; but could it have been Trump’s idea and is he in on it? By all means, not at all out of the realm of possibilities because we all know Trump has a bit of a flare for the dramatic… so the darkweb and mystery are right up his alley. There have been many times that it genuinely seems as if Trump is giving a nod to Q posts in press conferences and public appearances and it makes even me (a Q skeptic) give pause and a little smile.

I’ll end with this, regardless of what you think of Q, the MSM, globalists and the left, are scared of it and they are trying to shut it down. They’ve begun this week with pressuring Apple to remove the “QDrops” app from it’s store. This is unprecedented as the app is #1 in Entertainment and #10 in purchased apps on the Apple store. So if they’re scared of it, then we must ask ourselves why? And I must admit with a bit of childish glee, the possible answers are pretty exiting.



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