Patriot Strong The Resistance Chicks Unveiling Truth

Patriot Strong THE RESISTANCE CHICKS UNVEILING TRUTH Patriot Strong Bitchute Channel.
Resistance Chicks were interviewed by Patriot Strong. She lives in Mason, Ohio, just outside Cincinnati. This is her description: Thank you all for supporting the show! Please subscribe on Bitchute, Brigheton and Rumble. Follow Patriot Strong on telegram @ Support the sponsors with the links below and If you feel led to make a donation to the show you can Venmo me @PatriotStrong My Pillow Hi friends! I wanted to share something with you that I know you’ll love. Right now over at Mike is offering some of the BEST and deepest discounts ever. You can open these discounts and more by using my code “STRONG” at checkout or by visiting – My personal favorites are the towels, pillows (I’m a white level) and the slippers which are made with three layers of foam and padding! Website: Code: STRONG

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