Part 1 and Part 2 5-2-1 Stop the Land Grab, Quantum Leap, Soldiers of God

Rumble Part 1

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Rumble Part 2

Bitchute Part 2

“The Legal Proprietor Of The Government Is The People. The Church” Read Along:

500 of the top food processor sabotaged. Military operation. All Money is counterfeited. Vanguard and Blackrock did not buy anything. JAMES PATRICK: A THIRD OF THE FRENCH SENATE TOOK FAKE COVID VACCINES This is Why Everyone must be brutally honest! This has been going on since the railroads! Stealing land for Free! Scream and defend yourself and others. Counterfeited Money! Only Gold and Silver coins are Money! Coinage Act 1792 is fair and just based on the Word of God. Progressive, man’s invention, new technology, 1873, 1913, 1933, 1971, 2017, Coinage Act of 1873, made silver coins illegal brought in other metals and counterfeited money. The Coinage Act of 1873 or Mint Act of 1873, was a general revision of laws relating to the Mint of the United States. By ending the right of holders of silver bullion to have it coined into standard silver dollars, while allowing holders of gold to continue to have their bullion made into money, the act created a gold standard by default. It also authorized a Trade dollar, with limited legal tender, intended for export, mainly to Asia, and abolished three small-denomination coins. The act led to controversial results and was denounced by critics as the “Crime of ’73”.

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