Our Main Channel Live-Streaming Ability BACK After 92 Days of YouTube JAIL.

EXTRA EXTRA!!!! After 92 days of unlawful Youtube jail-time, our live streaming ability is BACK on our Masfaith3 YouTube channel! We will resume our regular streams there as of this Sunday at 1:00 pm EST for our EU/UK Show!

So how did the 92 day suspension happen?

On January 17th, we did a video featuring the amazing Jordan Peterson and his conversation with UK Channel 4’s host Cathy Newman. In an effort to censor that video, Channel 4 made unlawful copyright claims on news stations that covered the story, many other truth channels were able to contest this and the matter was settled in their favor because of fair use. Our channel however, was cut off mid-stream and our live-streaming ability revoked immediately. We were never notified by YouTube about this, nor were we given a copy-right take down of our video. In fact, for the past 92 days, whenever anyone viewed a video on our Masfaith3 channel a bubble link popped up saying that we were going live and you were taken to our video of Jordan Peterson.

I dealt patiently with Youtube support through many messages over the past three months- at one time even being told that the developers had looked at our issue and couldn’t fix the glitch. I messaged back that I felt that was impossible.

Not only had we not been notified by Youtube via e-mail or any sort of message that our live-streaming was taken down, or why, for the past 92 days there have been no “Strikes” on our account and we have remained in good standing.

Yes, we are still being censored on Youtube, they still hide our videos, unsubscribe our viewers in mass, and demonetize many of our videos… but tonight I am just glad to be “back” on our main channel! We look forward to seeing you there soon!

Below is the video of Jordan Peterson when our live-streaming was cut off:




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6 years ago

Google is Satanic, they have no office, no staff and little more than a plain PO Box numbered 666 on the sunny Caribbean Island of Bermuda.

It is from an older Dailymail-article. I bet you know about that anyways.

Sure, Bermuda has 0% tax, but why this 666 post number?
Because they are satanists and freemasons who like to mock us with their numerology.

Carie Nydza
6 years ago

I was searching for you because you had not been popping up on my feed like the others that I subscribe to. I finally found you and you had mentioned that you put the reason that you had been put into “youtube jail’ on your website. I had only related to you as masfaith3 before this. I am so glad that you posted this video with Jordon Peterson. I don’t think that I have ever enjoyed an interview more. Though you are closer to the ages of my children you are women of my own ilk and I always enjoy listening to you. We laugh at the same things and find the same things more serious. Even our views on what makes a good man. lol Maybe because we are fellow Ohioans or knew each other in a past life. Whatever the reason we relate. I bet that you have also had some of the same issues that I have had. Anyway, I am glad that you are back and I also havve subscribed now to Resistance Chicks and have put your web page in my favorites. I won’t lose you again.

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