Ohio is a Representative, Men Inspired By The Holy Spirit of God, Republic


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James 5: 1-5 We all must repent of using their counterfeited system. Ask God to deliver us so we can be like the disciple and Jesus only use gold and silver coins. Founding Fathers even. History too. Many do not receive healing and give up, and turn away from God, over time because they don’t keep scripture in context. Their prayers are not answered because they want to stay in the system.
Spend it on their own desires. God calls us out to be separated from the world. Money is the root of evil. In Revelation 21 the New Jerusalem. God uses the purest gold and silver to build his kingdom. And confession is also in James 5. The Lord woke me up to this, it is so important. Christians read confess our sins and God will forgive and heal but I never read the whole thing. Woh is that all we have to do? I hate their money any ways I can easily renounce denounce repent say I’m sorry sincerely for using that stupid fake fiat!

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