Newsom Cleans Up CA For Xi

Can the GOP Win in 2024?

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Weekly News Report– California Governor Gavin Newsom spoke some honest truth for the first time. Yes, he did clean up the streets for the visiting leader of the Chinese Communist Party, President Xi. The hypocrisy is astounding as many US business leaders eagerly met with Xi on his visit to the United States. Meanwhile, riots continue to plague US streets in Pro-Palestinian protests as the debate over who is the greater victim and who is the perpetrator heats up even in Conservative circles where Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens share social media jabs. In this climate of discontent and political infighting over what the important issues really are. The GOP seems to lack any solid messaging and those inside the party are punching right trying to get others in their party to align with their vision. A high school football coach is fired for holding baptisms for his players while debate class is filled with vile anti-Christian rhetoric. Buckle up. You are in for a wild ride this week. All of that & much more in This Week’s Top News Stories!

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