Dennis Stoltzfoos, rogue food farmer in North Florida, grew up on a conventional dairy farm in Lancaster, PA. He left the farm thinking he would never come back but, after experiencing several poor health issues of his own and that of his parents, he ended up becoming very interested in finding out how to “get healthy”. 20 years later, after reading hundreds of books on health, doing Live Blood Analysis as a profession, and even becoming a health consultant, he discovered the Weston A. Price Foundation founded by Sally Fallon Morell. The information he gleaned took his health to a new level and he realized how important it was to eat whole foods produced the way God intended. REAL rogue food became life and health to Dennis and he returned to his roots of farming and food production, the natural way. Now, he and his wife have 7 children who have never had to see a doctor or a dentist due to their abundant health. They all work together on their farm in Florida, producing rogue food for themselves and other conventional food rebels. Dennis and his family have been farming for 16 years and have had to fight for the ongoing production of their nutrient dense food. Joel Salatin has even called him “One of the Darlings of Rogue Food.” For information on the Weston A. Price style diet that changed Dennis’s life, Nourishing Traditions

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