Australia Has Fallen: Never Ending Lockdowns & Top World News 9/26/2021

On today’s episode of this week’s TOP News stories from around the world: Australia has hit new low, with video footage of what appears to be UN troops on the ground enforcing lockdowns. Contrarily, Sweden, Denmark and Norway remove restrictions and learn to live with the virus. All of that and much MORE as we go around the world, and of course, hear a message of hope from Neil Oliver on why governments are afraid of the people!

Viktor Orban’s Epic Interview; France/Italy Take To the Streets in Protest 8/8/2021

On today’s episode of this weeks TOP stories from around the world:
Tucker Carlson Interviews Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an amazingly candid and insightful conversation everyone NEEDS to see. Then, Italians and French LIBERTY fighters continue to take to the streets in protest of health passes needed to do basic tasks. Also, after a one week ban on YouTube for critiquing lockdowns and mandates, Sky News Australia hit back- but Australian Senators want to interrogate the news channel saying if “something is too dangerous for the internet it’s too dangerous dangerous for tv”.


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