MUST SEE! NYC Marches for Aussies & Freedom! Plus: FB Whistleblower

The week has barely begun and already we’re loaded with breaking news stories to break down. Join us for a Special Tuesday news update:

New Yorkers took to the streets to protest mandates and were seen waving the Australian flag to stand up against tyranny for the country down under.

Then a mysterious whistleblower from Facebook comes forward out of nowhere in an odd 60 Minutes interview stating that FB didn’t do enough to censor people during the 2020 presidential election; then suddenly she appears before Congress the next day demanding more censorship from Facebook. Something smells off about the entire thing, especially given the coincidence that Facebook just so happens to crash on Monday for more than 6 hours. Free publicity anyone?

Next, medical test sales spiked in Wuhan months before COVID-19 cases were first announced. An Australian cybersecurity firm tracked the sales of PCR tests over the past several years, finding data to suggest that the virus was spreading sooner than previously believed. All of that and much more!

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Clouthub NOW has LIVE CHAT!!!!: Channel 1620

Also, watch this video with Dr. Peter McCullough, MD



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