Media Pile On the Fall of Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates Scary Plan to Feed the World

In this week’s episode of TOP news stories: Vanity Fair, CNBC, even Morning Joe are all sounding like Resistance Chicks did a year ago as we reported on the gain of function experiments being conducted in the Wuhan lab that the NIH under Dr. Fauci had funded. Now e-mails reveal Fauci mostly likely perjured himself before Congress as his boss, Dr. Collins, admits to this. Why now? Is Fauci just the fall guy? Will he walk away with his millions while the Great Reset plows forward? His pal, Bill Gates, is heavily promoting his dr. Frankenstein lab grown food and says organic farming must end. He wants more gmo pesticide fill corn and soy to fill our bodies. Yeah, this from a guy who wanted to live like Jeffery Epstein… hard pass. Plus! Youtube deletes Resistance Chicks channel!

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

I thought we ALL knew this was biological weapon from that lab for over a year now. So who actually still believes the narrative of bats? Oh and as for investigating it, I don’t see any need for the investigation. The stance China’s taking now is probable cause enough for me to consider that as good as a confession. We should just move forward with treating them as guilty. I do believe Trump was thinking of that debt when he made that statement too, lol. Sanctions on China, life in prison for Fauci and the rest. We do still have Gitmo right?

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