Bardsfest #3 September 21-23, 2023 “Days of Awe” Days of Repentance, Ending on Yom Kippur the 24th, The Day of Atonement

Bardsfest Saturday Day 3

Bardsfest Friday Day 2

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Donica Hudson’s Heaven Is For Real Clip and Slides

Bardsfest Day #1 Thursday

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Bardsfest Pre Show Set up! The fire is already falling!

Wednesday September 20, 2023


Awakening the Warriors and the Shepherds for a time such as this.

We live in a time where evil walks openly in our world. The Warrior and Shepherds of Christ are being called to make a stand. It is time to gather and hear the words of Father that inspire the hearts of the righteous.

Bards Fest is about fellowship, families, breaking bread, and lighting the camp fires to bring the soldiers together and replenish the Spirit and the Faith in Jesus. Each day will be filled with speakers filled with the Holy Spirit to empower and to inspire. And each night will be a coming together to share in a meal, pray and worship in the Father.

Jason Heydinger’s Family his 2 sons are celebrating their birthday’s 18, 16. His daughter is a wonder spokesman introducing children’s activities. Bryce, Jason, Lily, Cassie, And Grant

Manifesting Heaven on Earth Thru Restoring Hope, Health and Wholeness to All Creation

Scott Kesterson explains the event and invites people to come or watch on several venues.

Scott Kesterson is a backpack journalist and documentary filmmaker. He spent 3 1/2 years in Afghanistan. He was the first embedded citizen journalist in the Department of Defense embed program and was awarded an Emmy for his videography shorts of combat in 2007. He has worked with Special Operations units in the area of information and narrative warfare, founded a cultural intelligence consulting company that has provided support for Defense and private companies, advised senior leaders on terrorism and information warfare, helped develop next generation programs for narrative warfare for emerging threats and has lead research and development efforts for Five Eyes nations R&D teams.

He is now Owner and Founder of Xpedition Cafe, a small production company that produces documentary films and podcasts around stories defining three principles of the warrior culture: conviction, righteousness and ruthlessness.

His first film, Bards Of War: Fighting Is Everything was released in January 2019 and is available as a digital download from film’s website,

BOW Bards of War
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