Kyle Rittenhouse Should Not Be on Trial- Prosecution Fumbles

Plus: Bill Gates Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Vaccine Efficacy

On Part One tonight’s Headline News with Resistance Chicks on Brighteon.TV at 6pm ET: The trial that never should have been. The woke left prosecution against Kyle Rittenhouse has done nothing to prove its case against Kyle and in fact, has almost been doing the defense attorneys’ job for them. Judge Bruce Schroeder, who has presided over Mr. Rittenhouse’s trial and is the longest-serving state trial court judge in Wisconsin, had to put the prosecution on notice several times, to which lead prosecutor, Thomas Binger, often talked back to the judge in a very unprofessional manner. The most notable quote from the judge being, “don’t get brazen with me!”

This week we saw the American judicial system ratchet up their politicization to unprecedented levels. Prosecutors in the show trial of teenager Kyle Rittenhouse have taken hit after hit to their false narrative that Kyle wasn’t acting in self defense. People all over the political spectrum have now come to the conclusion that Rittenhouse acted in self defense and shouldn’t even be on trial. While the main stream media scrambles to attempt to re-shape their plot line, rational, thinking people from around the world are seeing first hand the evidence in this case and are being red pilled on who exactly peddles in fake news. Just like the “Fine People Hoax” or Nick Sandman, Kyle has been falsely accused. This week in a bold move, Kyle took to the stand to tell his story. Time will tell if this was the right way to go.

Then, Bill Gates finally says out loud what everyone else already knows: The vaccines don’t stop the spread of the virus- he claims they help with “overall health” but “only slightly stop the spread of the virus- we need a new way of doing vaccines…”.

Then, for Part Two of the show, head over to our regular livestreaming platforms (below) at 7:00 PM: Investigative journalists at Project Veritas have been raided by the FBI. Project Veritas in the process of suing the New York Times. The FBI raid of James O’Keefe’s home, to which the New York Times was tipped off. Now they’re publishing privileged documents, while the DOJ was ordered to stop extracting data from his phone until further review. #ProjectVeritas.

Steve Bannon, one time campaign manager of Donald Trump, has been indicted by a grand jury after being held in contempt of Congress over his refusal to turn over his personal data in another show trial on J6. While the progressive left calls for prison and justice reform, it seems they are all for long, torturous punishments and unfair politically motivated trials for their ideological opponents. Rising inflation, gas prices, and shots for kids 5-11 are all on the table. We break these top stories down and show you how to stand up and fight back.

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