Poland Defends Border, Australians Rise Up & Iceland’s New Ad

On today’s episode of top news from around the world:
The world has watched Australia and wondered what will happen of this former democracy. This week Australians took to the streets it’s in massive numbers to make their voices heard. Belarus is helping migrants push through the border with Poland but Poland is holding strong. Then, a Canadian ethics professor, who was fired for for standing up against tyranny, gives an impassioned speech. And for your commercial break of hilarity: Iceland mocks Facebook’s Metaverse in new hilarious tourism ad #Icelandverse.

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

Great stuff ladies.

I want to offer a tip to others. Some of us get somewhat queezy when taking some supplements, particularly Vitamins C and D. I didn’t used to but now I do. Taking these things with food definitely helps me. If it were not for this I would be taking more. I am still not opposed to keeping on hand the “for horse” version of Ivermectin, especially if you want to stock up for those people you know that won’t do this for themselves, like extended family and such. Certainly better than nothing and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it if that’s all I had. Still, take advantage of all this hard work these women put into all this research for us and follow their advice and resources. No need to re-invent the wheel. God bless you all.

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