Kingdom Roundtable #11 – Why You MUST be baptized with the Holy Ghost! Receive Tonight!

Join our friends Cory Gray, Jason Heydinger and Serge Da Rosa weekly- Mondays at 8:00PM ET! Resistance Chicks will restream this weekly but don’t forget to subscribe to their Rumble channel and join their live chat:
From Cory: Jesus told his disciples to WAIT in Jerusalem to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire, and that they would receive Dunamis power! Then they were to go out and be witnesses.
Many today are trying to be witnesses without this DYNAMITE power! And because of this they are not walking nor representing the the Gospel in power. Many leaders in Churches unfortunately don’t have this power either and put their congregations into fear…

We must be filled with the Holy Spirit, it is a requirement to be a valid witness. Without it we are not equipped. Learn, and receive tonight. And if you already have this baptism, learn more about why God trusted you with this might power!!!

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