jXK, 1911 9 11 01 A dark Spot in History People’s Movement Executive Order #1 Do Not Lie To Me!


​Hysteria after JFK’s death, after the Depression, was all orchestrated by the newspapers and the Main Stream media and evil people were paid to stir up trouble after JFK assassination. So America would need the Deep State to save them. It was destruction from within through judiciary tyranny! God is now in our mist reclaiming everything. Year of Jubilee; cancellation of debt, everyone goes back to the land, farming, loving the land, loving their families! JFK’s assassination, all a part of a much bigger plan of tyrants doing evil deeds in the darkness. = Communism, socialist, fascist always use the same tactics. Around the world, God proves his word to the the Truth. Everyone on earth is a child of God and God is their Father, Creator. Only dishonest men deny the reality that is right in front of them The Declaration of Independence which is the living, breathing Good News, Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus died and Liberated all human beings. All men are free, equal and are endowed by the Creator with inalienable rights. **Not Communism, Not socialism, they are collectivism like the Borg, human beings have no rights and can be thrown away like trash having no value except has “workers” or Human resources. Individuals are property of the State, the Government. People owning each other for their own livelihoods.

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