Interview! Shemane Nugent: This Is Spiritual Warfare

“This changed every cell in my body to make me a fighter”
Shemane Nugent

Many of you might be familiar with rock star Ted Nugent. He has made a name for himself as one of celebrity voices in the conservative movement. Michelle and I had the opportunity to interview Ted’s wife Shemane (Ted popped in for a surprise chat in the middle of our conversation), on her new documentary, Killer House tells the story of the Nugent’s dream home in Michigan that became with toxic mold tha, Shemane says, almost killed her.

Shemane and Ted’s home was once featured on the popular show MTV Cribs, but little did they know while they were filming that toxic mold was about to change their entire lives and send Shemane on a journey of health and healing but physically and spiritually.

Shemane is a bundle of energy and a bright light that fills up the whole room. A former competitive swimmer, zumba instructor, avid outdoors woman, Shemane went from teaching several fitness classes a week to barely being able to walk.

In 2002, I could barely walk up a flight of stairs,” she said. “I went from being Detroit’s Most Physical Female to an invalid. What I didn’t know was that four different types of mold were in my bloodstream and I was diagnosed with pre-emphysema.” Shemane said it took years to figure out why she was progressively getting sicker. Her son found her lying on the floor of their home and she was She was rushed to to the hospital with excruciating migraines and heart-attack like symptoms. Shemane when in search of answers but doctors could never pinpoint a cause. Some doctors even told her it was all in her head and even prescribed calming recordings of waterfalls to help with her insomnia. “Some people thought I was paranoid,” she said, “A hypochondriac delusional.”

Her faith played a big roll in her healing journey.

What brings us to our knees brings us closer to God,” Shemane said of the ordeal.

Someone suggested the Nugents test their home for toxic mold, and they did. That first test came back negative. They started to pursue more and more the idea that their home was causing Shemane’s issues Ted and her son Rocco began to have similar issues. They would tour across America or Europeand feel great. Then they would come home and after a few days of being home they’d start to feel rotten.

The Nugents finally discovered it was black mold in the walls of their five-thousand square foot home making them sick. They made the heart wrenching decision to demolish their home.

But just getting out of the house was not enough
Shemane’s website says “I spent years healing and detoxifying myself and my family.

Alternative remedies, or now called functional medicine like acupuncture, vitamin IVs, oxygen, massage, dietary changes, and eliminating toxins in my home like air fresheners, fabric softeners, and scented candles, were crucial elements in my recovery.”
Shemane and Ted have made it a mission to inform and educate home owners, especially those building new homes, on what to look for.

After their Michigan dream home was torn down, the Nugents moved to Central Texas and began construction on another home. They got assurances from the new builder that this house would be water tight. Unfortunately not all builders are on the up and up and their builder did not install the flashing correctly, a move that would have set them up for another round of possible toxic mold. However, armed with all of their years of research, they were able to have the water issues corrected before moving in and want you to know how to avoid the same pit falls they have fallen into.
Shemane sees her battle with mold as more than a physical issue, but a spiritual attack on her family and that “this situation has caused me to become a fighter.

A cheerful and encouraging fighter at that! You can join Shemane nearly everyday of the week for health and healing tips with her Wildly Well community on her website ShemaneNugent.Rocks
Follow her super fun and encouraging posts on her Instagram account @ShemaneNugent
Follow her incredible interviews on both her Facebook page @Shemane.Nugent and her Youtube channel /Shemane
Watch Killer House on Vimeo Here: Killer House Vimeo

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