Honesty; Series: God Was In The Furnace of Affliction, Death! With Me Written By PG

Rumble Part 1 First Hour

Rumble Part 2 Second hour

Read Along: https://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.com/2024/03/god-was-in-furnace-of-affliction-death_23.html
We have an enemy wanting to wipe out all of us, internally. Jesus can save us if we quote him. Believe him. God demands honesty. Only gold and silver coins are money. God can not save us if we do not separate from the counterfeiter and demand we all become honest. 10 Silver dollar, 20 Silver half -dollar equal 1 ten dollar gold piece. The Bible is the truth. Only Gold coins and silver coins are money.
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Bitchute Part 1 First Hour

Bitchute Part 2 Second Hour

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