Healing For The Fractured Soul – Session 1

What is A Fractured Soul? Coping Mechanisms & Broken Heart Syndrome

Join us Tuesday, May 7th, 2024
8:15 PM ET
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Tonight we embark on the first session of a nine-week journey to heal broken hearts, minds, and souls. How do you know if your mind is broken? Do you ever find yourself doing things to cover up pain or avoiding seemingly normal activities because they trigger a negative emotion? Do you find yourself acting differently with various groups of people? Our minds are amazing organs, but they can break just like any other part of our body & can also split on purpose to protect our vital organs from damage caused by stress and trauma. Join us as we define what exactly a fractured soul is along with the how and why a mind splinters. The first step on any healing journey is recognizing the need for a change. Let us begin.

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Entire BLOG of Leah’s notes from tonight’s session below👇️

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Leah’s Blog/Session Notes:

Coping mechanisms
Healthy        Neutral.       Harmful  
I will say this In every session: Michelle and I are not medical professionals. We are not licensed therapists or counselors. However , we have spent the majority of our lives  studying why people do what they do And how trauma especially childhood trauma can negatively alter the way one sees and operates in the world. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted. Jesus came to. Heal the fractured soul. We Have spent years working on unraveling our own childhood trauma and learning how to work with others. Someone may be an alcoholic but the question is why are they an alcoholic? Why are they a drug addict? While we can’t diagnose you or love one. 

We can do is give you helpful tips to understand why you or someone you love acts the way they do. 

For the purpose of this program, we are going to define  a fractured soul with the current medical definition Formally known as Multiple personalities, which is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Some of you may have already seen  therapist and been diagnosed with a split mind. Some of you have always wondered Why you act differently in Under different circumstances, Have trouble remembering Life events or conversations, or have a fight or flight response to seemingly normal Situations. 

It may be helpful if you can find a trusted pastor or counselor who can help you through Wounds of the heart and mind. However not everyone is able to find someone that they can trust. But everyone can trust the holy spirit. 

He is the great counselor and can guide us and wants to guide us to a place of holiness in body mind and spirit.  So holy spirit we ask you to come and speak to us and through us this evening. Show us where parts of our brain have been broken, come and heal and mend our broken hearts. Help us walk through traumatizing memories In your perfect timing So that we can be a whole and complete person in you. We don’t want anything in our past to hold us back from the life that you have for us. I ask you to use my situation  And circumstances to help bring Healing to others. Amen

It is crucial on a healing journey that we do not get so caught up in our own mind and our own trauma and situations that we become self absorbed. It can be so wonderful to have attention that you never had when christian brothers and sisters rally around you that you want to stay in a place of brokenness rehashing the brokenness.  The goal of a christian is always to be a minister of the gospel to be a disciple to look out early to helping others. Our broken brains and hearts  keep us from being the hands and feet of Jesus. For me , the goal of being healed is not for myself It’s that I can be fully Who God intended me to be and be a blessing to others. On this journey when you get depressed or upset or stuck, the number one thing you can do is begin to pray for someone else.Think about someone else, call someone else. Ask how they are doing and pray for them and don’t even bring up your own situation. 

Just as with finances, give and it shall be given unto. Pressed down, shaken together, and running over shall men heap into your bosom. 

Start each day with, “Holy Spirit, what are we gonna do today?” 

Your mind is a muscle that must be exercised just like any other part of the body- it also needs to go through rehab when it’s been broken.

Tonight everyone of you are going to ask the Holy Spirit to show you what areas are healthy? What areas need Holy Ghost surgery? And what areas need exercise and rehab?

So let’s dive in.What exactly is a fractured mind? Let’s take a test, if you can open up another browser:




A fractured mind is different than PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Or a better way to put it is: Those who experience PTSD can develop the dissociative identity disorder. Many people who have experienced trauma in life, even throughout teenage and adult years, do not actually have complete minds but separate personalities.Splitting the mind during a particularly stressful situation can be physically helpful, which is why the brain does it.People who do not split, often experience the trauma over and over again all the time. 

Symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder that are not found in PTSD are: 1) amnesia for many everyday (i.e., nontraumatic) events, which is greater than ordinary forgetfulness. 2) flashbacks, which are followed by amnesia for the traumatic content of the flashback.

Everyone dissociates but by varying Degrees 

Examples of this are when you become so absorbed in a book or film that you lose awareness of your surroundings. Or when you drive a familiar route and arrive at your destination without any memory of how you got there.

Experiences of dissociation can last for a short time (hours or days) or for much longer (weeks or months). 

Dissociation may be something that you experience for a short time while something traumatic is happening. But you also may have learned to dissociate as a way of coping with stressful experiences. This may be something that you’ve done since you were young.


A coping mechanism is a way we deal with something we cannot tolerate, or need support in. It might sound surprising, but self-injury is a coping mechanism that serves a purpose just like those fig leaves served a purpose. So, let’s begin by considering the question God asks Adam and Eve in the garden in Genesis 3:9.

At this point in Genesis, we find that Adam and Eve have decided to do their own thing, to disobey God and take what they wanted in their own time, in their own way. And this rebellion has ushered sin and death into the world, and into the human race. They are no longer naked and unashamed, nor free from self-consciousness and fear.

The first thing they do is hide.

And true to His character, the first thing God does is seek.

When coping mechanisms are established, triggers for stress are revealed.

When triggers are identified, the sources of stress are exposed.

When the sources of stress are exposed, we are better equipped to conquer it for good.

So tonight your homework is going to be to identify in which ways you use coping mechanisms and ask the holy spirit to show you whether they are healthy, neutral or harmful.

If we are using coping mechanisms to cover up what happened in our past, we need to be open to the holy spirit healing those situations from the past. Whatever happened to us in the past is over and we don’t need to currently cope with that situation. God wants to bring healing to it. 

Then we want to identify ways in which we can cope with current and future stressful situations in the moment so we can get through traumatizing situations then work on fixing it. 

An example would be a car accident or the death of a loved one.

Sometimes we need coping mechanisms to Keep our bodies from going into fight or flight mode and damaging vital organs. 

And when the situation calms down we can bring healing to it, but in the moment, stress hormones can be released.That can cause more harm than good. So what healthy things can we do to mitigate those stress hormones from causing damage to our bodies. 

 So let’s break down healthy, neutral and harmful coping mechanisms. Remembering that if we are still coping from something in our past that needs to be healed and not just ignored. 

In the harmful category it is split into 2- harmful to your body vs sinful and harmful to your relationship with God and your soul, sinful.

sports,  can be all three, sports and

Exercise all 3 

Movies all 3, more N or H 

Television all 3, more n and H 

Food, making it- creative parts of the brain, more h and N 

Food eating it, as a coping mechanism you may need a lot of healing before this can be a healthy coping mechanism.

Food is a part of life and healthy food eating usually means that part of your brain is healed. Can lead to addiction but is much safer and leads to less sin (gluttony is not usually an underlying sin with those using food to cope, over eating is not sinful but a sign our minds or bodies are out of balance. A broken leg is not a sin. ) 

Many people retreat in books and fantasy worlds where the characters become part of their world. This can be a neutral place if the storyline is wholesome. That leads us to fantasy which is defined as envisioning that which is a part from any known or possible reality. Star Wars is a fantasy world, too many humanoids and not need for oxygen. Complete departure from reality. If you go into a fantasy world, or a part of you does, you are leaving reality. This can be life saving for many abuse victims. It may not be healthy or healing but it can stop the bleeding. When the fantasy world is full of sin it does more harm then good. The ultimate harmful fantasy world is pornography. Red flags on all coping mechanisms that make the mind or body sin or go deeper into darkness. You cannot flee darkness into darkness or you will compound the darkness and very quickly become the darkness. Identifying the coping mechanisms you or parts of you use and then prayerfully put them into categories of healthy, neutral, or harmful 

Identify and prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to help you eliminate the harmful ones, focusing first and foremost on the sinful ones

Anything that causes you to steal, kill,or destroy

You may think of smoking, cursing or drinking are automatically in the Harmful category. They may be in the physical but not in the spiritual. You  can do way more harm to your soul through music then say smoking. We will base our definition of sin and harm on the Ten Commandments, as Jesus summed up. Love your god with all your heart, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. All the law is summed up in these two. So we need to ask ourselves: In this coping mechanism am I loving god and it meant loving others or better yet is it keeping me from loving God or loving others as myself?


The lust of the flesh 

the lust of the eyes

the pride of life

Am I in lust?

Am I in pride ? 

I know a lot of people who are not fully redeemed their language that they grew up with and had curse words in it. They truly love people and do not walk in pride or arrogance. There are some coping mechanisms that are not in lust.Or pride, but are so harmful to your body.That there needs to be an intervention so you don’t die. And no coping mechanism should be used that is sin to get there, lying, cheating, ect. This is why illicit drugs are almost always in the red flag category. Not because of the actual drug but what you have to do to obtain it or how you treat people when on it.

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