Godzilla vs King Kong The True Value of Silver, Silver Squeeze, Monetary Reset Dangers

Read Along: https://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.c…​ or https://resistancechicks.blogspot.com…​ A few men, not elected can not decide the value of Gold and Silver, they can not decide what is money. No taxation without representation means no inflation, no hyperinflation, no deflation, no fiat. It is slavery. God Liberates all men. The right to have just weights and values comes from God. All peoples around the World have to obey God and only use gold and silver coins that do not rust. Bible James 5:3, Book of Revelation 6.Justice, Black Horse Revelation 6, Is happening right now! The church, Jesus Christ rides on the Black Horse bringing justice. Just weights balances, Scales. 3rd horse of Revelation is about money, And Abundance that come from obeying God and bringing forth JUSTICE First! Wheat a flour sack for one silver dime, 3 sacks of barley for one silver dime. Justice, fair, equal, True value of Silver. Christian have to obey God scripture. It is a sin to pay or be paid anything but Gold silver coins. At the end of the Day. Anything else is breaking the Ten Commandments: do not steal. A Christian must obey God and Only God. Peter said, men should obey God not other men. No man or men can make arbitrary laws or money value. It must be God and be constant for 2,000 years ago to today. Silver, gold are based on how must grain and cereal each person can buy. For an honest society. You can not base the value or price of silver or gold on fiat, worthless made out of thin air fiat. While silver and gold are real! It is absolute illegal. Wrong, stealing. It destroys life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness only comes from obeying God, obeying his Word having a clear conscience. Ten Commandments do not Steal. Coinage Act of 1792 is the only honest, law on money.

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