Former Muslim, Turned Pastor! Shahram Hadian

Join us November 15th, 2022 at 7:30 PM ET
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There is an uprising of freedom spreading across Iran this very moment, just this week, the Iranian government passed a law that allows the death penalty for protestors as a means to set an example for others. This is nothing short of satanic in nature. Join us for what promises to be an eye opening discussion with Pastor Shahram Hadian who narrowly escaped the Islamic regime change of Iran in 1978 with his family. Clearly God had a plan for this young man who came to the United States as a young boy, accepted Christ later on as an adult, and then proceeded to “Speak the Truth in Love” and minister the gospel, fight for the Christian values of America and expose the evils of “The religion that shall not be named.”
Pastor Hadian hosts The Truth Today Show Tuesdays at 12:00PM ET and Thursdays at 8:00PM ET

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About Pastor Hadian:

Pastor Shahram Hadian is the founder of the Truth in Love Ministry, and is a sought-after speaker who travels around North America addressing critical issues facing us as believers and as Americans. 

A Christian pastor and former Muslim, Shahram was born in Iran, came to America to escape an oppressive Islamic regime and had a powerful conversion to Christianity in 1999. Shahram’s unique background includes experience as a pastor, police officer, teacher, coach, and servant leader in his community. He was a candidate for the governor of WA State in 2012. 

In the past several years, he has spoken to hundreds of groups around North America, including legislators, law enforcement, civic groups, churches, and concerned citizens. He frequently advises legislators and law enforcement around the country on matters of national security and defending the Constitution and rule of law. 

Shahram’s timely presentations have been produced and shared globally on numerous DVDs and thousands of radio and TV programs. He has been a frequent guest on many nationally recognized radio and tv programs. 

Shahram passionately fights to: 

  • Safeguard religious liberty and the authority of the Word of God
  • Defend 1st & 2nd Amendment rights as foundational to all other God given rights
  • Champion the sanctity of life and marriage
  • Protect our national security from enemies foreign and domestic
  • Expose the growing deception of interfaith dialogue
  • Guard our Constitution and rule of law from foreign law (including oppressive Shariah) 
  • Restore our Constitutional Republic 
  • Support the nation of Israel both politically and biblically

Shahram proclaims that we need a courageous generation to rise up in defense of liberty and our God -given rights. America desperately needs revival back to her Judeo-Christian roots, and needs patriot, courageous pastors and Americans that will stand in the gap for our nation. 

Shahram lives in the Knoxville, Tennessee area with his beautiful wife and 6 children. Read more about Shahram here

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