Faithful In The Little Things

The Lord spoke something very important to me this morning. Raise your hand if you’re believing God for something: a new job, car, home, that land and homestead to really starting living the way you’ve always dreamed, or is it marriage or children, or healing from some disability? Maybe it’s just a letter from an old friend reaching out, salvation for a family member, healing for a marriage, that ministry you’ve felt called God has for you… you name it.

It’s GOOD to believe God for things! He places desires on our hearts just so we are moved by our hope to have faith that He will bring these things to pass. But all too often, we get so caught up in believing God for these big things, dreaming that we’ll FINALLY be able to live our lives to the fullest once the thing is here, that we forget to LIVE today!

Jesus says in Luke 16:10, that the person who is faithful in the little things, will be faithful in the big things.

Each day may sometimes feel like a “little thing”, just one day to get to the next day until you get to whatever it is you’re in faith will come to pass. But if we ask ourselves, many of us would likely find that our gaze is so far off in the distance, we’re missing what is right in front of us.

God has gifts for you TODAY. This moment- He wants to use you. Your ministry has already begun. Did you know you were a minister? If you have made Jesus the Lord of your life, YOU are a minister, YOU have a ministry. The Bible calls us “Living Epistles”. What does that mean? It means we are walking testimonies, walking WORDS of God- called to minister to everyone. To minister from the poor- to the rich, from the outcast- to the celebrity, from the family member to the stranger…

Let us be faithful today, in the little things God has for us. Let us live TODAY, excited about what He has for us THIS DAY! Then, we will be ready for the big things. For if we can’t be faithful in the little things, we will never be given the big ones.

Instead, let us be faithful each day, using it to the fullest, thankful for the gift that it is, with carefree trust that God will be faithful with His plans for your future. In so doing, each day, you are storing up treasures to see that “big thing” come to pass!

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

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2 years ago

amen. looking for a healing for a sister who is very ill. It may be God’s will to take her home and I will accept that but I am still asking the Lord for a blessing. thank you ladies. you are doing such good work.
Cincinnati Girl

Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

Thank you for the wise words.

Curt Bartrug
Curt Bartrug
2 years ago

Amen dear Ladies…

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