Cleveland Indians Go “WOKE”- Scrap 116 Year Old Name

On tonight’s Round-up of this week’s TOP news stories: Cleveland baseball makes huge “woke” move to scrape the team’s name they’ve had since 1915, the Indians, in favor of a more “inclusive” and less offense name, the Guardians. Guess they have a Chris Pratt crush.

Dr. Fauci and Rand Paul get out the sparing gloves over the proper definition of gain of function. Did the US Government fund GOF in Wuhan? Rand says yes and wants Fauci prosecuted for lying to Congress.

Italians take to the streets to protest mandates while Canada has lines at the airport for the jabbed and unjabbed.

Sidney Powell makes stunning announcement that she will join in the defense of Jan 6 protestors who have been kept in solitary confinement and denied bail.

Did you hear Biden had a town hall? It was epic, millions watched. Oh wait, you mean millions watched clips of Joe who couldn’t string a coherent sentence together when asked about jabbing 12 yr olds. Eric Clapton says if passports are required then he won’t play at the venue, wants freedom of choice for all, especially after having some very serious reactions to the jab. All that and much more! It’s been quite a week!

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Lisa Millikin
2 years ago

Unable to find the podcast for 7/23/21, it’s easier on my data plan.

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