Go Forth My Lions Prophesy by Michelle 7-17-21

Word from the Lord: Go forth my lions, protect the sheep as they come home and slay every predator along the way. Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. Mankind has rights to live free independent lives. To own land, get married and obey God. We The People obey God by farming the land, multiplying and raising children with the knowledge of God our Father, Savior living within us. Making Mankind more than mere animals because their creator lives in them. Our “CREATOR” Speaking, communicating with us all day long. God, Jesus sharing his love, power and authority with us. God’s power and authority over ALL the elements of the earth. God in man helping him take good care of the earth.

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2 years ago

So I have a question.
You say that the end times are not as they are portrayed in popular Christianity with the “tribulation” and rapture of the church, etc. I have heard various viewpoints on this subject, and I agree it has been thoroughly misrepresented and the church is ignorant of history and has become very defeated–but wait for it– the church will be victorious in the end–hallelujah!! However, for every victory there is a battle fought, for every triumph there is an obstacle to overcome. There is a real fight, a spiritual fight we are in the midst of. We are and will overcome, but we aren’t there yet.
I have heard many voices on the web call for action, for people to stand up and call their senators and representatives (most of whom are not paying attention if they can keep their jobs by manipulating voting machines), to march (so as to be heard, but the media doesn’t cover their rallies, so their voices aren’t heard)– I don’t mean to sound negative, but I am not hearing anything but people saying how bad it is and asking for, begging for, people to take action. Who is taking action? I know many are praying — not to dismiss this at all, because heaven’s courts is where the real action begins! Is anyone putting feet to their faith and stepping out as David against this Goliath of a beast?

2 years ago

Rise up lions!
Let us move and not sit down!
God is for us, who can stand against??

Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

I am pleased and even excited to see the people return to God and repent, even if it is because they believe that tribulation is coming and soon. I see it as more souls saved. I would prefer it not take that threat to accomplish this but whatever it takes I accept as I just want as many saved as possible. From there maybe we can talk about AD 70 and revival vs end of times. Right now, I will settle for people turning to Jesus and surrendering to him under whatever circumstances it takes to save them.

Thanks for sharing the words you have received and your own interpretations of things though. I find additional hope and inspiration in all this.

It appears to me that many are looking forward to tribulation as if to get it all over with and put an end to the suffering we know of this world now. I can understand that sentiment actually but I don’t want to rush into such a thing leaving many brothers and sisters behind that are our responsibility to save. These are our loved ones or somebody’s anyway. I bet we all know someone we care about that we don’t yet know that they are reborn and safe from such an ending. I know I still have many that are not there yet. I hope they will in their own time as I did in mine.

Ken Kelley
Ken Kelley
2 years ago

Take all things to the Lord in Prayer. These times are like NO OTHER!!!!! My people perish for a lack of knowledge!!!!! Not they are lacking faith……Jesus said that IF THE DAYS WERE NOT SHORTENED, EVERYONE…EVERYONE, EVEN THE ELECT, WOULD PERISH!!!!!

Jesus will come back and things will be blissful and incredible on his return. β€œAnd if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” [Rev. 22:18–19]


Do not chase rainbows!!!!!!!

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