EMP, Electricity Needs Silver, Copper Faraday Cage, Monetary Reset wPG 2

Follow Along: EMP, Electricity Needs Silver, Copper Faraday Cage, Monetary Reset https://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.com/2020/09/emp-electricity-needs-silver-copper.html The War On Cash Is Over – Do This Now “Mark Moss” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQmKlOGDkSo All Links can be found on the blog. This channel is called “Created by Divine Design.”. This is not our news channel. Our News Channel is Masfaith3 and Resistance Chicks. This channel is here to get back to doing things the way God created them. If men start using silver more for themselves the value will go through the roof. It will be harder for WIZARDS, Witches, Scientist, Inventors, Luciferians to get their hands on. So of course they don’t want men and women, children to know how much God loves you and will keep you healthy if you obey him. The choice is yours. Serve Satan: the inventions of witches, wizards, scientist, inventors, chemist, Pharmaceutical companies, Big Corporations or serve God. They remove silver from everyone else’s hands for their Satanic needs. Building Machines. They all need electricity. The best conductor of Electricity is Silver. I’m sure you have all heard that if you build a copper cage, put you electronics in it that will protect your electronics from an EMP attack. WAIT DON’T GO ANY WHERE: PUNCH LINE You already made the choice! You chose with the lockdown. The whole world chose with “the Protest” before the lockdown. “The protest” were shouting “The Declaration of Independence.” “All men are created equal.” “The US Constitution: The bill of rights.” These evil men made All men dependent on them. All men declared Their/our Independence. World Wide.

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