East Palestine Hazardous Waste Disposal Exposed

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Lorain County, OH Residents Karen Johnson and Elizabeth Rattray (former Eaton Twp Zoning Appeals Board member & former Eaton Land Use Planning member) recently contacted Resistance Chicks in an effort to stop the expansion of Ross Environmental, a hazardous waste management company in northern Ohio. They are warning citizens that Ross Environmental has been contracted to incinerate toxic waste generated from the East Palestine train derailment and are concerned that the disposal of this waste, as well as the backlog of other hazardous waste waiting to be incinerated and disposed of by Ross, could lead to environmental hazards for not just Eaton Twp but Lake Erie as well. If that were to be the case, this could have international implications. Ms. Johnson and Ms. Rattray have been diligently urging their township trustees not to approve a new land rezoning measure that would rezone over 100 acres of residential & agricultural land into Heavy Industrial waste disposal use, however, the wording in the proposed rezoning application seems to give Ross and indefinite carte blanche to do whatever they want, including dispose of nuclear waste.

It’s up to local citizens to decide whether they want such companies operating in their neighborhoods, possibly contaminating their waterways and wells, but residents claim their concerns are not being taken seriously by trustees. It is vital that this video be shared to raise awareness about what is happening to the toxic waste being removed from the tragedy in East Palestine as well as current possible environmental hazards.

Many hazardous waste companies across the country are embroiled in lawsuits due to various issues that include cancers and illnesses while officials turn a blind eye. Residents of Eaton Twp have complained that there are inordinate amounts of cancers in the area, but it’s very difficult to prove the cause. But we know these chemicals are dangerous, which is why they need special disposal, so these companies should be held to the highest of scrutiny before being given the green light to expand.   

YOU CAN HELP!!! Contact the following officials and ask them NOT to pass this zoning!
Eaton Township
12043 S. Avon Belden Rd.,
Eaton Township, Grafton Oh., 44044
Monday – Friday
9am – 1pm
Saturday & Sunday
Elected Officals

Jason Monschein Trustee
(330) 635-7715
[email protected]

Matt Hignett Trustee
(330) 635-5992
[email protected]

Steve Franks Trustee
(330) 635-1391
[email protected]

George Anders Zoning Inspector for Eaton Township [email protected]

Lorain County Commissioners:
David Moore–[email protected]

Jeff Riddell–[email protected]

Michelle Hung–[email protected]

Combined bullets from Karen Johnson, resident of Carlisle Twp and Elizabeth Rattray, former Eaton Zoning Appeals Board member, former Eaton Land Use Planning member, and current resident of Eaton Twp.

  • Eaton Twsp Trustees Connections to Ross Industries:
    One used to work for Ross and one has a father who worked for Ross.
    Matt Hignett one of Lorain Co Fair Directors – Ross donate $4 million for a new fair building
  • Steve Franks is a friend and hunts on Ross property
  • Jason Monshein, a fireman,  cannot draw salary from Eaton Twshp as a trustee.
    He is working elsewhere for now.
  • Ross donated $$ to Eaton Twp Fire and Rescue 
  • Monshein @ Trustee Mtg to vote no on rezoning – Says the Twp could not afford the million dollar law suit
  • Active Moratorium on Heavy Industrial Zoning Requests
    Ross withdrew request
    Submitted a revised one.
    Lorain Co Prosecutors Office said it is a green light and going forward
  • Current language in Art IX allows hazardous waste a blank check and NO FURTHER COMMUNITY INPUT EVER
  • 2015 Zoning changes were foundationally written by Ross’ attorney.
  • Eaton Twp meeting minutes are scant and none available for this year
  • Lorain Co Clerk of Courts- no pending litigation files or case number pertaining to above
  • The People Desire Trustees to exercise Executive Referendum to place on ballot for vote
  • OH EPA knew Ross was over capacity when asked to take East Palestine Waste
  • Ross has multiple EPA approved exceptions for hazardous waste storage capacity
  • Lorain Co. Preparedness Plan does not include transient hazardous waste for Ross
  • Ross is NOT supposed to store hazardous waste prior to incineration 
  • Currently ships 915,000 lbs of hazardous waste ash/yr to off-site
  • EPA classifies this ash as hazardous – IT WILL BE BURIED IN THE PROPOSED  MONOFIL
  • EPA “No liner…can keep all liquids out of the ground for all time….”
    Toxins are cumulative
  • Ross well recently tested above normal levels for cobalt and 1,4 dioxane – probable carcinogen
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