Each are Ministers, Servants of God’s Covenant, Gov. Military, or Cannon, Common Law Part 1 & Part 2

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Only gold and silver coins are money, and only horses are Transportation! In the name power and authority of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Governments are servants of God. Ministers of the Gospel.
PG here. Anyone using any power they did not receive from God Almighty is unjustly holding court wherever they are in the world. America’s Founding Fathers proved their rightful power and authority was based on God’s authority after receiving the Holy Spirit of God. And living by the inspired word of God in their hearts and minds. That is the only law God upholds and recognizes. I don’t know anyone in the Navy who even acknowledges Almighty God and Jesus our rightful Lord, Savior, and King. That is what is wrong with all governments worldwide. They are just a bunch of counterfeiting thugs. Just because some words are written on paper and someone calls it a law does not make it law. We have a covenant made by God without pen or paper but put into power with Jesus shed blood. and resurrection. Men must live unto that covenant. Governments, Military, or Cannon, Common Law Each are Ministers, Servant of God’s Covenant.

Rumble Part 1

Rumble Part 2

Bitchute Part 1

Bitchute Part 2

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