Dr. Douglas Frank with Resistance Chicks At “Seeing 2020” Screening- Cincinnati, OH

Thanks to two amazing patriots in Ohio, the earth shattering documentary “Seeing 2020” was brought to the 20th Century Theater in Oakley, OH. Dr. Douglas G. Frank, who’s election analysis is being used in Mike Lindell’s (as well as others) latest court suit against Dominion, spoke and mesmerized us all. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Frank, he’s wears many hats and says he’s a Scientist, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Libertarian, Teacher, Musician, Daddy, Husband, Servant of Christ. He was prominently featured in Mike Lindell’s documentaries Scientific Proof & Absolute Interference and is working daily with the lawyer for President Trump and Mike Lindell to bring this evidence that will change the country, to the American public. Every red blooded patriot knows exactly what happened on November 3rd, we know that Trump won, and there was foreign and domestic interference (treason) in the 2020 election. What Dr. Frank’s work has done, is give us the evidence and proof to back up what we already knew.

When you look at Dr. Frank’s life, you will see a series of events that led him to be just the man, picked for just this hour. He’s been analyzing both elections and pandemics since he was a teenager; in his own words: “who does that?”. The answer: someone who God anointed to be prepared for what America needed in this hour, exactly like Mike Lindell. I don’t know about you, but that bolsters and excites my faith that God is doing something big, and he’s WAY ahead of the devil on this one. We’re in for a great reset, God’s great reset, and at every turn, the wicked in power keep foiling their own plans. Grab the popcorn, the show is about to get good- and Dr. Frank is a front and center player in it all. We had the opportunity to interview Dr. Frank after the event and here is what he had to say:




Dr. Frank’s Youtube Channel

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