Biden Embarrassment at G7; Texas To Build Own Border Wall Weekly News Round-up 6/11/21

On tonight’s Weekly Round-up of top news stories: World leaders turn the G7 into a woke, Green New Deal, Great Reset, Build Back Better marathon. Even the Labour party in the UK has come out saying #Biden has already been a massive disappointment at the #G7 while his wife #Jill has a photoshoot at the President’s desk on AF1 of her preparing for it… why does the 1st lady need to be prepared for the G7??? Texas Governor #GregAbbot has decided Texas will build the wall at the border – #Texans know that if you want something done, you often have to do it yourself. Being on the front lines on the border crisis they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands, protecting out country from drugs, gang members and stopping sex trafficking. The #CDC plans “emergency meeting” on rare heart inflammation, especially in young men, following COVID-19 vaccines. And #SenTomCotton calls out #CriticalRaceTheory in the US #military. Link to the Geneva Bible here.

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Kellie Salas-Lavine
Kellie Salas-Lavine
2 years ago

Glad to hear from you girls again!

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