Frontline Doctors UnCensored Tour Cincinnati: “Seeing 2020” Documentary

America’s Frontline Doctor’s Uncensored Truth Tour Cincinnati stop, along with the amazing screening of the ground breaking and eye opening documentary “Seeing 2020” was an incredible event! Dr. Simone Gold & Dr. Douglas Frank delivered speeches, inspiring us that we’re winning this battle and had us on the edge of our seats.

Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors has literally been on the frontline fighting the medical tyranny happening in our nation, beginning with fighting for the right to treat her Covid patients with hydroxychloroquine, instead of waiting for them to die. She has rallied other doctors around our nation who are willing to stand up for the health of their patients, even when it goes against the political forces trying so desperately to silence them by any means. During her speech, Dr. Gold encouraged us to join our local citizens corps, to rally together at the smallest level and they have provided an amazing tool on their website for doing just that!

Dr. Frank was prominently featured in Mike Lindell’s documentary Absolute Proof and is working daily with the lawyer for President Trump and Mike Lindell to bring this evidence that will change the country, to the American public. Every red blooded patriot knows exactly what happened on November 3rd, we know that Trump won, and there was foreign and domestic interference (treason) in the 2020 election. What Dr. Frank’s work has done, is give us the evidence and proof to back up what we already knew. Dr. Frank has been holding incredibly popular “De-Pressers” following Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine’s “Pressers”, exposing the lies that he’s been peddling for over a year to our great state. Check out our interview with Dr. Frank here and subscribe to his Youtube channel here.

Below you will find TWO videos worth watching: the first are the speeches from Dr. Frank and Dr. Simone Gold at the event on Tuesday, and the second are interviews with the incredible women who organized this amazing event!!! Thank you Tanya and Marta!

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