Crushing: Biden Seen As Incompetent Leader of the Free World

As Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Descends Into Chaos

Special Report: All eyes are on America to take responsibility or show some semblance of control as Afghanistan falls to the Taliban. But the world is finally seeing that Joe Biden is exactly what most Americans have been saying from day one: incompetent and owned by China.

Joe Biden finally showed his “proof of life” by gracing the world with a 16 minute speech from the White House. He didn’t take any questions, then went back to Camp David for vacation. White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, also doesn’t want to touch this hot potato of a dumpster fire withdrawal from Afghanistan and has conveniently made herself unavailable for the entire week. Biden reportedly wanted Kamala by his side as he gave a bumbling, sometimes incoherent “rah-rah” speech about how he didn’t want to make the same mistakes of the past and pulling out of Afghanistan had to be done. This, of course, was probably written by some anti-war Progressive who cares more about gender pronouns then undoing a horrible mistake, which 20 yrs in Afghanistan is. Shocking scenes out of Kabul, as civilians hang onto the outside of an aircraft taking off. It’s surreal. Then you have the female CNN reporter still in Kabul interviewing the Taliban who are chanting “death to America” and saying “they seem friendly”. All the latest on this developing story here with Resistance Chicks.

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