Crowd Erupts for Trump & Tucker

Ukrainian Blew Nordstream- World News Report

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Weekly World News Report– A packed crowd at Madison Gardens gave a standing ovation to Trump, Tucker Carlson, and other prominent Conservatives at a UFC fight last night.

In a heart-rending medical case, A UK judge mandated 8-month-old Indi Gregory be removed from life support against the will of her parents even while Italy & the Vatican have offered her care.

One of the most significant economic attacks in the history of the European Union, the bombing of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines, was orchestrated by a senior Ukrainian military officer with ties to Kyiv’s intelligence services, The Washington Post reported. The U.S. is so ready to hang Ukraine out to dry that it’s planting stories in the media to pin blame on a rag-tag group of Ukrainians for blowing up Nord Stream.

Human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali announced Saturday she has abandoned 20 years of atheism to become a Christian.

Hungary’s Viktor Orban says he doesn’t want to face the same problems as the West, stating “They started it, they need to fix it.”

All of that & more in this week’s TOP World News Stories!

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