Conjecture or Truth?

Rumble — Wokey Girl here. This video is awesome! It is filled with my heart! It is my first upload! In this video, I share my conclusion of research by myself and other trusted Patriots of what is going right now both in the political and spiritual arena. It is my heart that to the best of my ability I have shared the truth. I hope it blesses all of you. Thank you to all my fellow Patriots and Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Woke Girl made a special design T-Shirt for Resistance Chicks. She watches our videos. This is her first video. Speaking words, as she can from the Lord. She is evangelizing now, sharing the Gospel. Please support her. Our web page only excepts Youtube videos for now. Please copy link and watch her video.

Disclaimer. She is her own person. We do not talk with her on what she preaches, news she shares or commentary. It is up to the viewer to receive or not receive what she has to say whether it is from God or not. Same with our own videos/articles. PG

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