Clay Clark: The Man Behind the ReAwaken America Tour

The Health and Freedom Conferences in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Tampa, Florida did something, they shook the evil powers in this nation and across the world. When we arrived home after covering the event in Tulsa, there was a tangible change in the atmosphere in our state and city. A local school defied dictator Dewine’s mask mandate and in stores around town we began to see others defy the tyranny and take back their God given right to breathe. In less than two weeks, the Dr. Fauci e-mails were released, finally showing he’d been lying to the world from day one. I believe this was all a result of the spiritual force that shot forth from Tulsa at this conference, and we are on a course to take back our country through the power of God!

So just who is the man behind all of this? Who is the guy on stage with the BOOMing voice, charismatic personality lifting up each speaker, exciting the audience with the power of God and HOPE? Clay Clark is a man called by God for just such a time as this and he shares with the Resistance Chicks, just how he became the man answering the call to cast out fear, restore hope & bring revival across America.

For more information about Clay Clark, upcoming Health and Freedom Conferences/The ReAwaken America Tour and more visit
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