Christian Principles, Precepts 3-20-2022 Part 1

Saturday Night 3-19-2022 The Holy Spirit is going to be changing Americans internally, strengthen them and  saving their broken souls. Supernatural true salvation and deliverance. Getting rid of the lies they have been living since they were born. God will be filling the with the Truth, his truth based on Jesus death on the cross. God does keep his word. People will have. Wisdom that only comes from God dwelling in men. More on that towards the end of series.

In order to have the “industrialize society” the ways of God, the ways of the Constitution were thrown away. Walked all over like trash. People have been suffering miserably, no justice since this started. Starting  with Tractors that destroyed the earth, soil, worms, bugs, microorganism, microbes system.   Land, farms, happiness and other freedoms were being stripped from, taken from Americans. Like evil men killed all the buffalo, or stripped forest, Strip mining resources. So The people were also destroyed in like manor internally.

Microbes in the Original Soil

 Since President Wilson, the progressive movement, Federal Reserve system, gold backed money was the illegal unjust instrument that gave us the Military Industrial Complex. All manufacturing was for war.

War against God, the people. Motivation is always the same Greed,  love of Money. War World 1,, 2, etc. CIA, All election fraudulent since Wilson,1913 Federal Reserve. Other people, go back further.  Railroad Companies, East India Trading company. Sinners, Satan’s children look like the devil. Kill steal and Destroy, an Angel of Light, “PROGRESS”, “NEW DEAL”, “Centralized power”, like a “KING”, TYRANNY.  

Good News!  Jesus died to destroy Satan and His children. Tyrants. 

  What matters is repenting, humbling ourselves before God and remember our great grand parents who had nothing but a gun, shovel, a horse, an axe maybe and a desire to live FREE!



This is something to rejoice about not mourn. Stop  Being nihilistic. 

This is time to scream out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A Harvest ready to come in! Sad you still don’t understand the gospel. Read the Declaration and the Constitution, Together they are the Gospel: Every word derived from  scriptures.


Land! Horses for transportation, freedom. If a man doesn’t work his land, plow his field of course he will go hungry. It’s in the Bible. The man who tills the soil, never goes without bread for his family. Every word derived from  scriptures.

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Christian Principles, Mind Your Own Business Part 2

Mind Your Own Business 3/21/2022

With God Working with you! Anointing!
 Comes From The Bible  1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Anointing is from Childhood. A calling of God. The reason you were born.  The anointing  taught you right from wrong. Learning directly from God. You can say “All I know I learned from my Father.” The Story of the Ten Virgins with oil in their lamps. Gifts, knowledge, talents giving to you by God. Purest, Holiest thoughts. “Workers” for God, laborers, to plant seeds in God’s fields and reap harvests. 

Parable of the 10 Virgins

Those who turn from their anointing have not used the gifts, talents and knowledge God has given them. 

Usually when your body dies, your spirit will either meet Jesus or there will be great darkness. People who refuse to work for God and instead did everything wrong have no lamp oil at the end of their lives. Disobeyed the teaching of God. Learn from evil people how to do things for them and for themselves to Make them money.

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

I believe what we are entering into in this chapter in our history is bringing us back around to how we lived before we got so off track and detached from the world the Lord gave us and natural law. We need look no further than the Amish, Menonite, etc. to see the proof that this way of life is still very feasible today and truly more sustainable than what we now perceive as “normal”. The collapse of the economic system and markets does not frighten me, in fact I welcome it. I know I am not yet adept at the knowledge and skills needed for this pioneer lifestyle but just as I make my way in this world now I will adapt and do so moving forward. I am most excited for the up-rise in local rural communities becoming sovereign and independent from the govts. of the cities and the feds. This is the only answer to freeing ourselves from the problems and debt of these govts.. They are continuing down this path to hell intentionally and need us to follow them there. We need to not need them at all so we can go our own way as God leads us.

Thank you PG and Happy Birthday!

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