Germany: Devastating Floods; S. Africa Unrest & France: Nationwide Liberty Protest 7/18/21

On today’s Sunday World News show: Massive flooding in Belgium and Germany have led to 200 deaths with 1000 people missing.

Nationwide protests in France erupt after Emanuel Macron’s Draconian New orders that creates 2 classes of people.

Updates out of South Africa after chaos, violence and looting erupted this past week.

Canada: Mobs Tear Down Statues, Churches Burned; GB News Epic Rant on Vaccinating Kids

On this week’s episode of TOP news stories from around the world: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defends the anger fueling the wave of church arsons and statue-smashing as “fully understandable”, thinking that by calling the attacks “unacceptable” he can still sympathize with the criminals.

Wake Up Canada! Bernier & Pastors Arrested; Pakistan to Turn off Phone of Un-Vaccinated

#MaximeBernier, #Canada’s People Party Leader was arrested for attending an #antilockdown protests- Disgraced #UK leader #TonyBlair wants to create two classes of people and is promoting a jab passport- #London held a pro #HongKong rally


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