BREAKING! Trump Declares National Emergency to Fund Wall; Weekly Round-up 2/15/19

In a controversial move, critics from both sides are eagerly clawing at Trump’s decision to finally use his executive powers to declare a National State of Emergency to fund a large portion of the southern border wall.

Meanwhile, in what seems to be extremely coincidental timing (just after Trump’s National Emergency Declaration), we see a tragic shooting take place in Aurora, Illinois at the Henry Pratt company. The latest reports tell us that 5 officers were wounded and there were 5 fatalities. It is currently unclear what the motives of the shooter, Gary Martin, were.

While we mourn the tragedy of what has happened today, we are left bracing ourselves for what is sure to be another gun-grabbing attempt from the left, with the media swiftly shifting attention from the National Emergency, to disarming the American people and dismantling the 2nd Amendment.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but when a mass fatal shooting event takes place, exactly one year plus a day (February 14th, 2018- February 15th, 2019) from the Parkland shooting at Margory Stoneman Douglas High School where we saw one of the most savage attempts by the left and MSM to enforce massive gun control…

Well, I think it speaks for itself.

As for the timing of this tragedy in correlation to Trump’s Declaration, it’s one of those “things that make you go, hmm…”

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