Blessed to Teach Joins Resistance Chicks!

Michelle and I were Blessed to meet Rick from Blessed to Teach in Tulsa, OK at the very first Health and Freedom Conference in April of 2021. Rick describes himself as a businessman who loves Jesus- at least that’s how he described himself before his 17 yr old son showed him a video of Alex Jones which caused Rick to join the fight for the “fall of the cabal” by seeing the manipulation of the “Mockingbird Media.” Rick’s Youtube channel, Blessed to Teach at one time had over 100,000 subscribers before the took down his entire channel without any warning. But Rick did not give up. The censorship made him push harder at back at those who wish to curtail our freedoms and rights given to us by God.
Rick’s channel started out as a secular look at current events and conspiracy theories and then he began ending each episode with prayer and then a scripture. People began to write to Rick and tell him the prayers and scriptures were their favorite parts so Rick began incorporating more and more Biblical teaching into his shows and soon Rick’s channel had grown into a full-fledged ministry.

Right now you can join Rick and thousands of other patriot believers from around the world Mon-Fri at 6:00 CST and Friday’s at 7:00 CST for praise and worship across 17 platforms but what we are most excited about is Rick’s new Facebook revamp at!

Rick has attended many of the patriot and freedom events around the country in 2020 and he says the best part is seeing people coming to Christ. This past week at the ReAwaken America Conference in Dallas, Rick, Amanda Grace, and His Glory held praise and worship along with baptisms and a woman was healed from being wheelchair bound for 6 yrs! To God be the glory.

Rick went on to talk about what was most heavy on his heart and that is the infighting in the Christian patriot movement. He gave us a Venn Diagram with Patriots in the Great Awakening in one circle and Sleeping Christians in another circle. The overlap in the middle are Awake Christians. Whether Muslims or Atheists, Jews, or Christians, if you are a patriot, we want you in this movement for freedom and while differences can exist and can be hashed out, we can’t throw our own teammates under the bus.

However Rick is not bashful that the only way we win this fight is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he has a lot of hope that God is about to “judge the cabal.” While many look around them and see doom and gloom, Rick sees with Spiritual eyes a bright and hopeful future. He says that “God is shaking the world to wake the people up.” He sees three storms coming together.
1. Election Fraud
2. The Collapse of the Economy
3. A Great Wailing of people in need of healing
Rick says we are at a Red Sea moment and everyone is going to see who He is.

B2T as he is commonly called, says he is never going to stop, even with the censorship at all time levels because he sees people coming to Christ. He says God is in this movement, with all of it’s flaws and mistakes.
Rick’s new platform will feature free training starting on January 4th of 2022 to lead groups in prayer for healing, for hurting people as he sees God about to move in great manifestations of healing.

Rick doesn’t give a pass to the doctors who are pushing the jab or refusing to properly treat sick patients. He says there is no excuse for staying in the Matrix and hurting people. “Dr. Fauci is going to go down as one of the biggest serial killers of all time.”
There are treatments. Rick recounted some miraculous turn arounds by those who used inhaled budesonide, which helps with inflamed lungs. You can go to and find providers who will treat you for covid.

Rick knows all about the medical cabal and recounted how oil tycoon Rockefeller took over medical schools and began pushing petroleum based medicine which actually makes people sicker. He says “we are going to take down the medical cartel,” because Jesus is the Great Physician. He sees God pouring out the gift of healing and the gift of miracles and it starts with worship.

Rick ended our interview as he ends his own show, with a powerful prayer for this country. We encourage you that if you are looking to get plugged in somewhere check out and get involved in one of the many programs and groups the wonderful viewers of Blessed to Teach are helping to build. You can also find Rick on his primary website where you can join the Backstage after show and so much more!

“So you shall serve the LORD your God, and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take away sickness from among you.”

~ Exodus 23:25

“Delight yourself in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
~Psalm 23:4

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Join us tonight, December 18th, 2021 for a LIVE premiere of our interview with Rick on the platforms below!



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