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A message from Scott Kesterson,

A message from Scott Kesterson:
 I am the Founder and voice of BardsFM podcast. I am honored to have you part of what is to be one of the greatest events in American history… Bards Fest. This is not just a Patriot rally, but a revival of our FAITH to heal this nation and restore GOD on the throne over this land. We are a country built on the foundations of Christian values and morals, with unalienable rights bestowed on us from our Creator. Bards Fest is rooted in that vision and the mission to restore HIS authority back over the great land.  The audience is traveling from across the United States to attend and the viewership is global, with the BardsFM audience representing over 120 countries alone. It is four days of sermons, speakers and entertainment. The festival will be livestreamed on CloutHub, Brighteon TV and Lindell TV. Thank you to our wonderful Patriot Media!A bit about the venue. The Powerplex Drive In St Louis is an indoor and outdoor venue. The speaker stage is a state of the art performance stage with stadium style megatrons. There is a production crew for sound and video. In addition to the stage, the outdoor part of the venue will also host a carnival area with a ferris wheel and other family rides, food vendors and product vendors. The outdoor space covers 14 acres. The indoor part of the venue consumes what used to be a shopping mall. It is air conditioned with attractions for families that include an ice skating rink, games, a 1/4 long inflatable “ninja” obstacle course, day care and vendor area. We also have breakout rooms for small group speaking and one room dedicated to Patriot produced movies. You are welcome to participate in all of it if you are inclined. We are excited to have you be part of this great event. This is truly an event for GOD, country and family. Have a safe trip. Let us know if there is anything you need. 
God bless. Scott Kesterson.

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1 year ago

Hello Ladies… Love you gals, hope all is well with you and your families!.. I’m looking forward to attending Bards Feast this year and maybe coming down and volunteer info for Scott … He is a great Christian man and Follows the Lord and I would be honored to be part of helping… If you could pass on my information to him, since you guys talk all the time, that would be great!.. Have a nice weekend ladies, May You Always Be Guided By The Lord On Your Path Of Serving Him And Serving Others!.. Take Care, Be Strong, Have Faith And Most Importantly, Be Not Afraid!.. God Bless.

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